TI Power Converter Simplifies Sensor Design

DALLAS /PRNewswire/ -- Simplifying power design in smart grid and sensor control applications, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced a 200 mA, 60 V SWIFT high-density, synchronous step-down regulator, with 90% high-efficiency and low-noise performance. With a solution size of only 125 mm2, the TPS54061 integrates both high-side and low-side power MOSFETs and improves efficiency in industrial automation and 4–20 mA sensor control applications, as well as smart meter, power over Ethernet, computing, and consumer designs. For samples of the WEBENCH design tool and evaluation module visit the company's Web site.

The TPS54061 converter manages input voltages from 4.7 V to 60 V, and can withstand high-voltage transients up to 62 V, while saving energy, even under light load conditions. The converter supports various TI processors, including Stellaris ARM Cortex-M MCUs, C5000 DSPs, and ultra-low-power MSP430 16-bit MCUs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency and light-load performance: 62 V transient protection for specification overhead; 90% efficiency at 24 Vin, 5 Vout at 50 kHz
  • Low-power operation: 90 µA operating current, with a shutdown current of only 1.4 µA
  • Smallest solution size: synchronized switching frequency up to 1.1 MHz and small SON package, with integrated diode, high- and low-side FETs result in a 20 mm2 board space savings compared with competitive products

Availability and Pricing
The TPS54061 is available in volume now from TI and authorized distributors in a 3 mm by 3 mm SON PowerPad package. Suggested resale pricing is $1.65 in 1,000-unit quantities. The TPS54061EVM-142 evaluation module operates from an 8–60 V input (24 V nominal) and provides a 3.3 V output at 200 mA.

Point-of-Load Solutions for Industrial and Smart Grid Design Challenges

  • TI's recently announced LM5017 100 V, 600 mA synchronous step-down regulator, with integrated FETs, requires no external loop compensation.
  • The following easy-to-use evaluation modules for industrial point-of-load applications can be ordered through the TI eStore:
    • TPS54062 50 mA synchronous evaluation module
    • TPS54060 500 mA, 60 V evaluation module
    • LM5017 600 mA, 100 V DC/DC evaluation module
    • TPS54160 1.5 A, 60 V evaluation module
    • TPS54260 2.5 A, 60 V evaluation module
    • TPS7A4001 50 mA, 100 V LDO evaluation module
  • TI's SIMPLESWITCHER power converters support input voltages greater than 75 V.
  • New motor drive and control solutions Web site.
  • Download TI's Smart Grid Solutions Guide, which includes TI analog and embedded products to meet your design requirements.

About TI
Texas Instruments semiconductor innovations help 90,000 customers unlock the possibilities of the world as it could be—smarter, safer, greener, healthier, and more fun. Our commitment to building a better future is ingrained in everything we do, from the responsible manufacturing of our semiconductors to caring for our employees to giving back inside our communities. This is just the beginning of our story.

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