TI Debuts TM4C123G Development Kit

AUSTIN, TX /PRNewswire/ -- Designing with Tiva C Series microcontrollers (MCUs) is now even easier with the new Tiva C Series TM4C123G USB+CAN Development Kit from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI). Featuring a Tiva C Series MCU with ARM Cortex-M4 core that integrates connectivity and sensor aggregation solutions, this kit makes it easy for designers to evaluate the Tiva C Series TM4C123x MCU's peripherals and inputs/outputs (I/Os) for industrial, motion control, automation, human-machine interface (HMI), lighting, and consumer electronics applications.

The development kit includes everything a designer needs for a full system evaluation—host and device USB cables, onboard debug interface, and a coin cell battery for low-power hibernation mode. Accompanying the kit is an 8 GB USB drive that contains all the software, development environment tools, and documents needed to create production software and evaluate USB OTG and CAN. The included wireless evaluation module headers provide an easy way to add TI wireless connectivity, including ZigBee CC2538EMK, ZigBee CC2530EMK, SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1200EMK, Bluetooth Dual-Mode CC256xQFNEM,and SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000EM, as well as third-party wireless connectivity, to a system.

Tiva C Series TM4C123G USB+CAN development kit features and benefits:

  • Includes a Tiva C Series TM4C123G MCU, with 256 KB internal Flash, and 144-LQFP, with105 GPIOs for excellent prototyping capabilities
  • Supports mixed-signal applications, with high-performance analog integration with temperature sensor, LED, CAN transceiver, and precision 3 V reference for accurate analog-to-digital conversion
  • Provides 5 mm screw terminals for external analog inputs and CAN signals
  • Incorporates USB micro-AB and microSD card slot for prototyping USB on-the-go applications and data storage
  • Communicates with on-chip connectivity options, including USB 2.0 (host, device, and on-the-go) interface and CAN transceiver
  • Integrates useful output and interface options, with a 96 by 64 color OLED display and five-user navigation buttons
  • Supports motion and position tracking with 9-axis motion sensor that includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer
  • Allows standard debug interface and debug out capability with minor modifications using a 10-pin JTAG header
  • Enables quick development with a USB flash drive, containing all the tools and documents for developing production software:
      —TivaWare for C Series firmware development package with example source code
      —TI's Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio IDE
      —Keil RealView microcontroller development kit (MDK-ARM)
      —IAR Embedded Workbench development tools
      —Sourcery CodeBench development tools

Pricing and Availability
The Tiva C Series TMC1234G USB+ CAN Development Kit (DK-TM4C123G) is available for $149 through the TI eStore and TI-authorized distributors.

TI's Portfolio of MCUs) and Software
"Leading the industry in MCUs for low-power, real-time control, safety, and connectivity, TI continues its 20+ years of microcontroller innovation to offer the "broadest microcontroller portfolio in the industry:" Ultra-low-power MSP MCUs, real-time control C2000 MCUs, Tiva ARM MCUs, and Hercules Safety ARM MCUs. Designers can accelerate time to market by tapping into TI's tools, software, wireless connectivity solutions, extensive design network offerings, and technical support.

About TI
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. By employing the world's brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of technology. TI is helping more than 100,000 customers transform the future, today.

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