TI Debuts Bluetooth Smart SensorTag App

DALLAS /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced the availability of the Bluetooth Smart SensorTag app for Android following the launch of Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean" native support of Bluetooth Smart Ready. The new app, available for free online, removes the barriers to entry for app developers who want to take advantage of the millions of Android smartphones and tablets that will soon be Bluetooth Smart Ready. With Android and iOS support, TI makes Bluetooth Smart "appcessory" development easier and faster with the CC2541-based SensorTag, which has six commonly used sensors on a single board for quick evaluation and demos. For more information about the award winning SensorTag, visit the company's Web site.

The industry has embraced the $25 SensorTag kit because it requires no hardware or software expertise to get sample Bluetooth Smart applications running on a smartphone or tablet in minutes. Android and iOS developers and device manufacturers have already been working with the SensorTag to fuel the Bluetooth Smart appcessory market. Developers can share their SensorTag-enabled Bluetooth Smart apps on TI's wiki page and on Twitter using #SensorTag.

"The addition of Bluetooth Smart support in Android 4.3 is a huge growth opportunity for the market, making it possible for Bluetooth Smart appcessories to work with all OSs. Through initiatives like TI's SensorTag and the Bluetooth SIG's Bluetooth Developer Portal, developers can get a head start with Android 4.3 to meet consumers' desire for more Bluetooth Smart apps and appcessories," said Suke Jawanda, Chief Marketing Officer, Bluetooth SIG.

The SensorTag's six integrated sensors, including TI's TMP006 contactless IR temperature sensor, bring countless applications to life. The possibilities are endless, including health and fitness, educational tools, toys and remote controls, and mobile phone accessories, all of which can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. TI's royalty-free BLE-Stack software works with the SensorTag and offers an over-the-air download feature to easily maintain compatibility with end-equipment firmware updates. Additionally, the CC2541-based SensorTag kit complements TI's CC2564 Bluetooth dual-mode solution and WiLink combo connectivity solutions.

TI's Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio is built to bolster the growing demand for Bluetooth Smart connectivity in the industry and offers support for several OSs that support Bluetooth Smart Ready, read more in this new blog post on ConnecTIng Wirelessly.

Availability and Pricing
Download the free SensorTag app for Android 4.3 on the TI website here. The SensorTag kit (CC2541DK-SENSOR) costs $25 and is available on the TI eStore and from authorized distributors.

Information on TI's SensorTag and Bluetooth Low-Energy Technology

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