TI Bluetooth SoC Increases Battery Life

LAS VEGAS /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Inc., the industry leader in highly integrated wireless connectivity solutions, announced its new CC2541 Bluetooth low-energy system-on-chip (SoC), aimed at Bluetooth smart sensor applications for consumer medical, sports and fitness, security, entertainment, and home automation. The SoC offers a 33% reduction in power consumption compared with TI's previous-generation CC2540 SoC when transmitting at 1 mW output power, while maintaining robust RF performance. The CC2541 is pin-to-pin compatible with the CC2540, which allows manufacturers to take advantage of the power savings through an easy migration of existing designs. An associated CC2541EMK development kit will also be available to further simplify and reduce design time for new Bluetooth smart devices.

"We're excited to see the advancements in the Bluetooth low-energy space with Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices already available and several about to hit the market," said Sid Shaw, Product Marketing Manager, Low-Power RF, TI. "With the CC2541 SoC, TI continues its commitment to offer low-power and easily-deployable Bluetooth low-energy solutions to manufacturers. Our new CC2541 SoC adds to TI's full system-solution, aimed at simplifying design and shrinking development time for Bluetooth smart sensor applications."

"Bluetooth 4.0 technology is expanding into new markets as innovative use cases and products become available," said Michael Foley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Bluetooth SIG. "We are pleased to see TI enabling longer battery life with the CC2541 SoC to further fuel interest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the growth of Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices."

TI's new Bluetooth low-energy solution will be demonstrated at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show this week (Jan. 10–13). In its meeting space (N116, Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall), TI will also give a sneak-peek of its upcoming CC2541DK-SENSOR development kit for Android- and iOS-based smartphone applications. The kit opens up the world of Bluetooth low-energy-based sensors to smartphone application developers because it requires no RF hardware knowledge or embedded software programming on the sensor-application side. The six sensors included in the kit enable applications such as tag trackers, thermostats, weather stations, theft alarms, remote controls, and others that can be controlled by a consumer's smartphone. The kit will be available for purchase in early 2Q 2012. Stay tuned for more on the company's Web site.

TI's CC2541 Key Features and Benefits

  • Early realization of low-power, single-mode Bluetooth low-energy sensor applications
      —Full system solution: 2.4 GHz CC2541 SoC, royalty-free TI protocol stack, profile software, sample applications, development kits, technical documents, and support
  • Simplified design, with one-chip, integrated and flexible solution
      —Controller, host and application on one 6 mm by 6 mm device
      —Applications can be written directly onto the CC2541, which supports both analog and digital peripherals
      —Flash-based: firmware can be updated in the field, and persistent data can be stored on-chip
      —Pin-for-pin compatible with TI's CC2540 Bluetooth low-energy SoC and CC253x ZigBee RF4CE solutions
      —Support for Bluetooth 4.0 and proprietary modes at 250 Kbps, 500 Kbps, 1Mbps, and 2 Mbps
      —Robust, proven Bluetooth technology that builds on success of the CC2540
  • Enables design of low-power sensor devices that can operate for >1 year on a coin cell battery
      —18.5 mA TX current at 0 dBm
      —As low as 14 mA current drawn from the battery (a 20% reduction) when using TI's TPS62730 step down converter (CR2032 coin cell)
  • Robust RF performance
      —Up to 99 dB link budget
      —Best-in-class coexistence with other 2.4 GHz devices

Tools, Availability, Packaging and Price
The CC2541 SoC is currently sampling to lead customers and will go into volume production in February. It is packaged in a ROHS-compliant, 6 mm by 6 mm QFN-40. The corresponding CC2541EMK will be available in late January on TI's eStore for $99 and through TI authorized distributors. The CC2541DK-SENSOR development kit will be available in early 2Q 2012.

More About TI's Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions

  • Order development kits and samples online.
  • View TI's Bluetooth low-energy demos of Android and iOS smartphone apps.
  • TI's wireless connectivity solutions online.
  • TI E2E low-power RF and wireless connectivity community online.

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