Thin-Film Battery from Cymbet

Cymbet Corp.

Cymbet Corp., Minneapolis, MN, offers its EnerChip CC CBC3112 and CBC3150 thin-film batteries with integrated battery management. The batteries internally combine a thin-film battery, charge pump with integrated DC/DC converter, supply supervisor, low-ripple charger, configurable switchover to battery when input power fails, supply voltage status signals, >5000 recharge cycles, and operation from 2.5–5.5 V. The CBC3112 is a 12 µAh device and the CBC3150 is a 50 µAh device. Both are packaged in either a 7 by 7 mm or 9 by 9 mm DFN SMT package. Applications include wireless sensors and RFID tags, power bridging, consumer appliances, energy harvesting, and business and industrial systems.

Contact Info

Company: Cymbet Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 763-633-1780
Fax: 763-633-1799

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