Thin-Film Batteries from Infinite Power Solutions

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Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) Inc.

The THINERGY MEC200 Series of micro-energy cells from Infinite Power Solutions Inc., Littleton, CO, are solid-state, rechargeable thin-film batteries that provide high power density and cycle life in a flexible and paper-thin form factor. The MEC200 Series family currently includes the MEC225, MEC220, and MEC201, with capacity options up to 0.13 mAh, 0.4 mAh, and 1.0 mAh, respectively. Features include 0.17 mm thickness and a flexible package; support for 100,000 recharge cycles; stackable for increased energy and power without increasing board footprint; ~ 3 nA leakage current; high-power discharge that eliminates the need for external boost capacitors for high-pulse currents; charge acceptance at < 1 µA; rapid recharge; and 4.1 V constant voltage charge method. The solid-state devices have no liquid or polymer electrolyte and are RoHS compliant.

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Company: Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 303-749-4800
Fax: 303-749-4753

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