THD Analyzer IC from Mixed Signal Integration

THD Analyzer IC from Mixed Signal Integration
Mixed Signal Integration Corp.

Mixed Signal Integration Corp., San Jose, CA, offer the MSTHDA single-chip 1/6th octave-wide 5-harmonic total harmonic distortion (THD) analyzer. Center frequencies are set at the fundamental, second, third, fourth, and fifth harmonic frequencies and are controlled by a single master clock. The fifth harmonic output is at 3.4 MHz when clocked at 42.5 MHz. Applications include real-time distortion analysis, audio and ultrasonic analysis, vibration analysis, and multistandard RFID systems based on FDMA. The IC includes five 6-pole band-pass filters, uncommitted op amp, digitally controlled gain stage, analog-controlled gain stage, and 3 selectable power modes.

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Company: Mixed Signal Integration Corp.
Phone number: 408-434-6305
Fax: 408-434-6417

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