Terbit Connector Framework Automates Embedded Devices

Terbit Tech, LLC releases version 1.02 of the "Terbit Connector" desktop framework with a new JavaScript application scripting feature to support automation. Terbit Connector interfaces with embedded devices, DAQs, sensors, and data through an extensible C/C++ plugin system to provide device control, data visualization, data processsing, and data recording.

The new scripting capabilities apply to all features in the program including extended features offered by plugins. This enables process automation for test verification, lab integration across devices, factory automation, and other complex scenarios involving multiple hardware devices, sensors and data. The processes may be completely automated or allow for interactive human input and verification at designated points in the process.

The new release of Terbit Connector desktop framework now supports automation for processes involving embedded devices, DAQs, sensors and data. Terbit Connector is a productivity framework used to quickly develop solutions for the following industries: Data Acquisition, Embedded Systems, Test and Measurement, SCADA, Internet of Things (IoT).

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