Temperature Sensor ICs from Microchip Technology

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Microchip Technology Inc.

The EMC118X family of sensors from MicrochipTechnology Inc., Chandler, AZ, are temperature sensor ICs with 1.8 V SMBus and I2C communications interface. The sensors offer sample-frequency-hopping filter for temperature-monitoring traces to 8 in. and the low-voltage I/O support has no external voltage level shifter. Offered in packages 8-pin DFN and TDFN (EMC1182); 10-pin DFN (EMC1183, EMC1184, EMC1187, EMC1188); 8-pin TDFN (EMC1186). Applications include mobile, commercial, and embedded computing markets.

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Company: Microchip Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-624-7435

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