Temperature, RH Probe from GrayWolf

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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

The RH-AS2 probe from GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Shelton, CT, works with the company's rugged, handheld AdvancedSense HVAC/OH/FM/IAQ meters to measure RH, dew point, absolute and specific humidity, and wet- and dry-bulb temperatures. The probe is 14 mm dia. by 40 mm long and can be directly connected to the AdvancedSense or to an ACC-RH-HDLA handle for handheld use and insertion into ducts. Humidity range is 0%–100% RH noncondensing with ±2% RH accuracy. The probe, when connected to a meter outfitted with a BP-101 barometric pressure sensor, lets the meter provide pressure-compensated moisture readings. You can also use the probe in conjunction with other probes.

Contact Info

Company: GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-218-7997/203-402-0477
Fax: 203-402-0478

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