Temperature Data Logger from Omega

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Omega Engineering Inc.

Omega Engineering, Stamford, CT, introduces OM-CP-RFOT series of splashproof wireless temperature data loggers for use in the meat industry (smokehouses, ovens, and other cooking processes) and harsh environments. Features include real-time operation, 2-year battery life, memory wrap around, minimal long-term maintenance, long-term field deployment, and HACCP compliance. The data loggers can withstand wash-down cycles and records internal temperature readings for real-time monitoring. Probe temperature range is -50°C to 200°C; accuracy ±0.1°C to 150°C; ISM band 2.405–2.48 GHz; range 122 m LOS, indoors 46 m.

Contact Info

Company: Omega Engineering Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 800-773-7869, x-317

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