Temperature Controller from Lake Shore Cryotronics

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Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.

The Model 335 from Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc., Westerville, OH, is a 2-channel temperature controller with user-configurable heater outputs that deliver a total of 75 W of low-noise heater power. The controller supports diodes, RTDs, and thermocouples. Output one functions as a current output and output two can be configured in current or voltage mode. With output two in voltage mode it functions as a ±10 V analog output and provides 1 W of heater power and full closed-loop PID control. Zone tuning lets you measure and control temperature from 300 mK to >1500 K, automatically switching temperature sensor inputs when your temperature range exceeds the usable range of a given sensor.

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Company: Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 614-891-2244
Fax: 614-818-1600

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