Telit & Wind River Kickstart IIoT Adoption

To accelerate Industrial IoT (IIoT) adoption, Telit is collaborating with Wind River to reduce the complexities of IoT device management, helping companies quickly and securely realize the full benefits of IIoT. Wind River is using Telit’s IoT platform technology for its device management platform. The latest release of Wind River Helix Device Cloud is making it easier for companies to capture data on premise or in the cloud, providing enhanced system analytics and remote device management. Allowing users to aggregate and perform computing tasks, Device Cloud helps perform informed business intelligence to protect investments, utilize infrastructure, improve processes and generate new revenue streams.


Telit focuses on developing IoT solutions and partnering with innovators across the ecosystem. The company has built a comprehensive IoT platform that addresses the needs of OEMs, enterprises, and service providers globally.  The deviceWISE platform offers an unparalleled set of connectivity management, device management, data management, edge, cloud and enterprise ready-to-use connectors and services that reduce the risk and time-to-market of connecting ‘things to apps,’ by collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data.  


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