Telit’s M2M Module Certified for Rogers Network

RALEIGH, NC -- Telit Wireless Solutions Inc., the U.S.-based mobile technology arm of Telit Communications, announced that its GE865-QUAD has earned certification for use on the Rogers Wireless GSM/GPRS network in Canada. Featuring a form factor of only 22 by 22 by 3 mm and weighing 3.2 grams, Telit's GE865-QUAD is the "smallest globally available GSM/GPRS module." With its small form factor and optimized power consumption, the GE865-QUAD is ideal for consumer electronics or body-worn tracking and tracing or telemedicine applications.

"Rogers Wireless has embraced the M2M marketplace, recognizing the growing importance of remotely accessing and controlling consumer and business electronics," said Michael Ueland, VP and General Manager of Telit Wireless Solutions. "Telit has set a new standard in M2M module size and capability with our GE865-QUAD, enabling pioneering manufacturers to integrate cellular connectivity into smaller devices, wirelessly accessible to the customer from anywhere within the Rogers Wireless network."

The GE865-QUAD is the seventh Telit M2M module to be certified by Rogers, other modules include the GE864-QUAD, GC864-QUAD, GE863-QUAD, GE863-GPS, GE862-QUAD, and GE862-GPS modules. All of Telit's M2M modules support a range of applications, such as consumer electronics, security and surveillance, smart grid, fleet management, asset tracking, and remote-device management and maintenance.

The GE865-QUAD is one of the first Telit products to incorporate a next-generation cellular chipset from Infineon, providing the basis for the module's innovative single-chip design solution. The module also features optimized power consumption, a Ball Grid Array design, tape-and-reel packaging, and an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that provides support for UDP, FTP, and SMTP via AT commands.

Equipped with Premium FOTA Management, the GE865-QUAD can receive over-the-air remote software updates. Additionally, because Telit owns and controls the firmware within its modules, any changes to underlying chipsets will have minimal impact on customers' application designs.

About Telit
Telit Wireless Solutions Inc. is an internationally leading specialist in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. Telit is the "only company worldwide to offer communications modules for all of the various wireless technologies: it develops, produces and markets modules for GSM/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA, CDMA/EVDO, and Short-Range RF applications." M2M applications rationalize business processes by enabling machines, equipment, and vehicles to communicate with each other via mobile networks.

Telit products are used all over the world and marketed via Telit's offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Spain, the Republic of South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK, and the U.S. Telit's global distributor network comprises specialists in wireless technologies and enhances the customer experience in over 56 countries worldwide.

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