Tegal Receives Order from MEMS Sensor Maker

PETALUMA, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Tegal Corp., an innovator of specialized production solutions for the fabrication of advanced MEMS, power ICs, and optoelectronic devices, announced it has received an order for an additional Tegal 3200 SE DRIE cluster tool process module from a leading supplier of MEMS image sensors. The Tegal 3200 SE DRIE process module will be shipped and installed at the customer's site in early CY2011, and will support the customer's plans for quickly ramping production capacity for high-volume manufacturing of MEMS image sensors. The customer's repeat order follows the successful installation, process qualification, and sustained use of silicon DRIE processes on the customer's first Tegal 3200 SE cluster tool PM.

"Our customer is known for its technological leadership in the MEMS image sensor market, and we see this repeat order as confirmation of the Tegal silicon DRIE tool's superior performance in high-volume manufacturing for this technically challenging application," said Jim Apffel, DRIE Product Manager at Tegal Corp. "We believe that our DRIE process modules are the most reliable and most advanced on the market, and as this repeat order shows, we have been able to meet our customer's demanding technical requirements for silicon DRIE cluster tools while providing excellent value along the way."

The Tegal 3200 SE is an advanced, world-class cluster tool system dedicated to DRIE applications. Featuring an inductively coupled plasma etch reactor and magnetic plasma confinement, the tool can run Tegal's patented Super High Aspect Ratio Process, achieving etched feature aspect ratios of >100:1 in production environments. The Tegal 3200 cluster tool can be configured with up to 4 process modules, supporting high-volume manufacturing applications for the most frequently used materials in MEMS, 3D- IC, and semiconductor device fabrication: silicon, silicon on insulator, and silicon dioxide.

Tegal silicon DRIE tools are presently used in numerous research and development laboratories throughout the world, engaging in both commercial and academic research programs, and are also found in MEMS foundries and other dedicated commercial high-volume manufacturing lines worldwide.

In addition to its work in silicon DRIE for MEMS and power device fabrication, Tegal has extensive experience in deep silicon etching for 3D-IC applications. Please join it for a webinar on Tuesday November 9, 2010. The topic is "Silicon DRIE for the TSV Age," and registration is free. Please go online for details.

About Tegal
Tegal Corp. is an innovator of specialized production solutions for the fabrication of advanced MEMS, power ICs, and optoelectronic devices found in products such as smart phones, networking gear, and digital imaging. The company's plasma etch tools enable sophisticated manufacturing techniques, such as 3D interconnect structures, formed by intricate silicon etch, also known as DRIE. Tegal combines proven expertise with practical system strategies to deliver application-specific solutions that are robust and reliable and deliver exceptional process quality and high yields at a lower overall cost of ownership. Headquartered in Petaluma, CA, the company has more than 35 years of expertise and innovation in specialized technologies and over 100 patents, and it has shipped and installed more than 1900 systems worldwide.

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