Sypris Demonstrates Next Generation Biometric Sensor

TAMPA, FL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc., announced that it has successfully integrated a next generation biometric sensor onto its new high assurance information security product designed for the U.S. Government. A demonstration of this new technology was recently showcased to key internal and external stakeholders.

The biometric technology enables an additional level of security through robust user identity authentication, further hardening an already top-rated government security product. The Company's development of advanced identity authentication methods is an essential part of its cyber security innovations.

The biometric sensor was integrated into a Cryptographic Ignition Key (CIK); creating and incorporating one of the first biometric tokens for U.S. Department of Defense approved high assurance electronic key management devices. The biometric technology is thin and small enough to enable secure tokens, as well as offer real-time identity capture, management and authentication, compliments of the technology embedded in the sensor.

Sypris Electronics is pleased to have this opportunity to build upon its relationship with the Department of Defense by establishing requirements for identity authentication in high security and high reliability tactical environments. In addition, this first proof-of-concept will continue to be refined and tested by the Company.

"The access enforcement mechanism on the sensor builds on our management of controls to limit propagation of access rights," stated John Walsh, President of Sypris Electronics. "This next generation biometric prototype demonstrates our commitment to developing and incorporating advanced security technology for high assurance information security applications. Sypris Electronics continues to invest and develop leading-edge technologies to support current and next-generation demands of our Aerospace and Defense customers and the security of our Country."

About Sypris Electronics
Sypris Electronics is a world-class, integrated systems solutions provider. Our ruggedized electronic products, advanced engineering services and complete electronic manufacturing capabilities are aligned to provide our customers the best people, practices and technologies to continually exceed expectations. We consistently promote an agile, innovative culture by strategically partnering with leading-edge technology companies, agencies and universities. With over 40 years of experience, Sypris Electronics is proud to develop, manufacture and integrate leading technologies into mission critical electronics systems that secure America's interest.

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