Synopsys Bolsters Software Integrity Platform with Acquisition of Static Code Analysis Vendor Goanna Software

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Synopsys, Inc. has acquired Goanna Software, a privately held software company based in Australia that provides static source code analysis tools for reducing security vulnerabilities, improving code quality, and ensuring compliance with industry coding standards. This acquisition provides Synopsys' Software Integrity Group with additional talent, technology and products that expand the company's presence in the emerging software quality and security market, support its vision of bringing a rigorous software sign-off process to software development, as well as increase its presence in Australia and the broader APAC region.

Goanna Software's highly extensible technology will be used to augment Synopsys' Coverity product, the industry-leading static code analysis solution at the core of its Software Integrity Platform. With minimal integration effort, Goanna Software's technology will accelerate improvements to Coverity's analysis capabilities and expand its out-of-the-box security and quality coverage. Goanna Software's technology will also accelerate Synopsys' ongoing efforts to provide broader coverage of industry-specific coding standards and guidelines, including a robust MISRA compliance solution for the automotive industry. Additionally, Synopsys will leverage Goanna Software's technology to improve the Coverity Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable customers to more easily develop dedicated static analysis rules and checkers for their specific use cases.

"Software plays an important role in many safety-critical industries, and this necessitates more stringent standards and improved mechanisms for ensuring code quality and security," said Andreas Kuehlmann, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys' Software Integrity Group. "The acquisition of Goanna Software allows Synopsys to better address the evolving needs of the market by enhancing our static code analysis solution and adding features such as industry standards compliance support and improved customization."

The terms of the deal, which is not material to Synopsys financials, have not been disclosed.

Through its Software Integrity Platform, Synopsys provides advanced solutions for improving the quality and security of software. This comprehensive platform of automated analysis and testing technologies integrates seamlessly into the software development process and enables organizations to detect and remediate quality defects, security vulnerabilities, and compliance issues early in the software development lifecycle, as well as gain security assurance and visibility with their software supply chain.

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