SuperCom Wins Electronic Monitoring Contract in North America

NEW YORK, NY --- SuperCom, together with and through its local partner, has secured a contract offering Supercom's Pure Security Electronic Surveillance line of offender tracking and monitoring products. The contract was granted by a government customer in North America through a formal and competitive bidding process. It has a 4-year initial term with optional extension of 2 years.

Revenues for SuperCom for the project are estimated at approximately $1.7 million for a term of six years. The contract with the government customer has been executed and the project is expected to deploy and start generating recurring revenues, based on a billed daily rate per active user, within the next 3 months.

SuperCom is the technology provider and the local partner will provide services including project management to the government customer. SuperCom will supply and deliver House Arrest monitoring equipment technology, central monitoring software and technical support services to support the Electronic Supervision program in the region.

SuperCom's PureSecurity Suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform which introduces a long list of innovative features including smart phone integration, secure communication, multi-layer advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication, unique touch screens and extended battery life.

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