Supercapacitors from CAP-XX

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The HZ202 from CAP-XX Ltd., Lane Cove, Australia, is a high-power, low-impedance supercapacitor that is 20 by 15 by 3.0 mm, is rated at 90 mF, 200 milliohms, and 5.5 V. Power density is 42 KW/L and energy density is 0.42 Wh/L. The supercapacitors offer a very low leakage current, decaying to <1 µA after 120 hr. at rated voltage and room temperature. The device matches two cells in series in a dual-cell supercapacitor, allowing the midpoint voltage shortly after charging to be close to half the supercapacitor's terminal voltage. Applications include providing an energy buffer for energy harvesting powered wireless sensor networks.

Contact Info

Company: CAP-XX Ltd.
Country: Australia
Phone number: +61 2-9420-0690
Fax: +61 2-9420-0692

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