Stonestreet One and Freescale Semiconductor Partner

SAN JOSE, CA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Stonestreet One, a leading provider of Bluetooth software solutions since 2000, has partnered with Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) on the development of a turn-key radio module supporting Bluetooth Smart (formerly Bluetooth Low Energy Single Mode) that will bring ultra low power connectivity to a wide variety of healthcare devices. The module will be FCC/CE/Bluetooth certified with an onboard antenna so manufacturers will be able to instantly and easily connect devices without worrying about RF hardware design or Bluetooth Smart protocol software development. To enable the Bluetooth connectivity, the module includes Stonestreet One's Bluetopia+LE Single Mode protocol stack which supports Bluetooth Smart running on a Freescale Kinetis microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M4 technology and the EM Microelectonics EM9301 Bluetooth Smart RF transceiver.

The module is small (only 11.8 mm X 17.6 mm) and can run from a single typical coin-cell battery. Its flexible design allows it to operate as a simple Bluetooth Smart modem that connects to any host processor and speaks to it with a full-featured AT modem command set, or can operate in stand-alone mode as a smart sensor with no host processor needed. The module will be available as part of a Freescale demonstration kit that is compatible with the Freescale Tower System for further system development Stonestreet One and Freescale will be demonstrating the module at the Wireless Connectivity in Medical Devices show in San Jose, CA, July 25th and 26th.

"Bluetooth Smart is becoming a pervasive low power wireless connectivity solution. With this module solution we leverage the low power capabilities of the Kinetis family of microcontrollers and our proven Bluetopia products," said Tim Reilly, President and Founder of Stonestreet One. "We look forward to working with Freescale on joint customer opportunities to enable best in class Bluetooth Smart based products for the medical, healthcare and fitness markets."

"The Bluetooth Smart protocol opens the door to easily and inexpensively connect products we use on a daily basis to the vast installed base of mobile connected devices." said Bruno Baylac, Director and General Manager of the Medical, Metering and Connectivity business unit at Freescale. "By partnering with Stonestreet One, we are bringing our customers a certified radio module that eliminates the complexities within the RF hardware and protocol software, so they can quickly catch the wave of this exploding market."

Availability and pricing
Samples and development kits are available for order immediately via Freescale and Stonestreet One and will begin shipping in September. Pricing for the modules starts at a suggested resale price of $15.00 (USD) in 10,000-unit quantities. The Tower Plug-In Bluetooth Low Energy development platform will be available at a suggested resale price of $59 (USD). For more information about the Tower Plug-In Bluetooth Low Energy demo, visit the Freescale or Stonestreet One Web sites.

About Stonestreet One
Stonestreet One is a global leader providing software solutions for Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetopia and BTExplorer, its Bluetooth Connection Manager for Windows CE and Windows Mobile based devices, have been deployed by many product manufacturers around the world and are currently shipping in millions of enterprise and consumer devices on the market today. The company continually maintains the latest set of protocols and profiles and participates heavily in standards bodies such as the Bluetooth SIG and Continua Health Alliance to work with the industry advancing the capability and interoperability of wireless devices.

About Freescale
Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) is a global leader in embedded processing solutions, providing industry leading products that are advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microprocessors and microcontrollers to sensors, analog integrated circuits and connectivity - our technologies are the foundation for the innovations that make our world greener, safer, healthier and more connected. Some of our key applications and end-markets include automotive safety, hybrid and all-electric vehicles, next generation wireless infrastructure, smart energy management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile devices.

The company is based in Austin, TX, and has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations around the world.

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