Speed Monitors from IFM Efector

Speed Monitors from IFM Efector
ifm efector inc.

IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, offers compact M18 and DIN rail mountable speed monitors for industrial automation applications. The compact M18 speed monitor is designed for rotational speed applications up to 18,000 pulses/min. and provides a pulse output for revolutions/min. and a switching output to indicate under- and over-speed conditions. The 4-wire DC speed monitor provides a 12 mm nonflush sensing range and LED status display. The DIN rail mountable speed monitors evaluate pulse frequency, rotational speed, linear speed, and machine cycles. They provide an external pulse train from a single position sensor for speed evaluation and feature programmable setup, status LEDs, and a 7-segment display.

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Company: ifm efector inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-441-8246
Fax: 800-329-0436

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