Spectrum Analyzer IC from Mixed Signal Integration

Spectrum Analyzer IC from Mixed Signal Integration
Mixed Signal Integration Corp.

The MSSCSA from Mixed Signal Integration Corp., San Jose, CA, is a 1/6th octave, 6-band spectrum analyzer IC with normalized center frequencies at 1.12246, 1.2599, 1.4142, 1.5874, 1.78179, and 2. A single master clock controls the center frequencies. The chip also contains six 6-pole band-pass filters, an uncommitted op amp, analog gain control, digitally controlled gain stage, and 3 selectable power modes. Supply voltage is 3.0–5.5 VDC. Applications include real-time spectrum analysis, audio and ultrasonic analysis, and vibration analysis.

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Company: Mixed Signal Integration Corp.
Phone number: 408-434-6305
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