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Keithley Instruments Inc.

Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland, OH, has added three models to its Series 2600B System SourceMeter SMU instrument line for benchtop and R&D applications. The dual-channel benchtop instruments, intended for applications where tightly integrated operation and high accuracy are important but leading-edge, system-level test automation is not, provide 6 1/2-digit resolution, software emulation of the company's Model 2400 SourceMeter instrument, USB 2.0 connectivity, and embedded plug & play I-V testing. The Model 2604B offers measurements to 40 V, 100 fA, and 3 A DC/10 A pulse; the Model 2614B offers measurements to 200 V, 100 fA, and 1.5 A DC/10 A pulse; and the Model 2634B offers measurements to 200 V, 1 fA, and 1.5 A DC/10 A pulse.

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Company: Keithley Instruments Inc.
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