Sonus Simplifies Management of LTE Networks with the Introduction of the Embedded Diameter Signaling Controller

SINGAPORE -- Diameter, the industry standard for data signaling, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the industry standard for message signaling, work in tandem to provide the signaling needs for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks. With the advent of click-to-connect, real-time applications for voice, video and collaboration services, both Diameter and SIP traffic have been rapidly growing as more subscribers drive data and voice over IP-based (VoIP) mobile networks. This signaling traffic, in turn, has hastened the need for centralised controllers that can help MNOs manage this latency sensitive traffic in a more intelligent, secure and scalable manner.

The Sonus eDSC is designed to address these demands by enabling MNOs to solve the Diameter routing issue, while also securely delivering SIP-based, real-time communications like voice, video and collaboration services, from the same platform. Much like the functions a SBC provides for SIP at the peering edge between two operators, a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) does the same for Diameter. For MNOs looking to normalise these protocols at their ingress/egress point, an integrated SBC/DEA solution helps provides increased network operational efficiencies and performance improvements by integrating common security, interworking, interconnect and network management functions.

Sonus SBCs help mobile operators deliver a high Quality of Experience (QoE) in Voice over LTE (VoLTE) networks with support for high-definition (HD) voice and SIP signaling control and media anchoring to ensure seamless voice call continuity across networks. Additionally, Sonus SBCs provide scalable signaling interworking, media transcoding, signaling and media encryption, policy enforcement, topology hiding and denial of service (DoS) protection needed in VoLTE networks.

In addition to full SBC and DSC functionality, the Sonus eDSC provides interworking (IWF) between Diameter and legacy SS7 systems, enabling 2G and 3G networks to deliver smoother operations of dual technology, ensuring a high quality of experience for subscribers. The integration of SBC, DSC and IWF functionality onto a single platform allow LTE service providers to simplify network management, reduce network complexity and speed the roll out advanced IP-based services for real-time communications.

The Sonus eDSC expands the Sonus Diameter portfolio, giving MNOs greater flexibility to deploy hardware (DSC 8000), SBC integrated (eDSC) or Virtualised (DSC SWe) Diameter solutions to best address their business needs.

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