Solicore Extends Printed Battery Technology

LAKELAND, FL /PRNewswire/ -- Solicore, a global leader of embedded power solutions, in cooperation with a strategic investor, has jointly developed the "world's first digitally printed 3 V thin-film battery." The digitally printed battery uses Solicore intellectual property and patents to enable high-volume, digitally printed battery production for key target markets. In addition, this new technology innovation will dramatically change the ability to produce and deploy custom battery shapes and sizes to meet the varying needs of the marketplace.

"Our efforts to create a digitally printed battery has enabled Solicore to create yet another scalable printing process not only to meet any demand for volume that the market could require, but also to provide quick turnaround for custom battery design requirements," stated Dan Tillwick, COO of Solicore. "In the past there was concern relative to the overall market's ability to scale the supply chain into the hundreds of millions of units, as well as supply the variety of custom designs, that is no longer an area of concern due to the digitally printed battery."

Solicore, as a leader in thin-film lithium batteries, continues to push forward technology innovation by enabling various thin-film battery manufacturing methods. Solicore currently produces millions of coated thin-film batteries in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lakeland, FL. In addition, Solicore jointly developed the "first-of-its-kind, screen-printed thin-film battery in 2011." Today, Solicore announces that it has developed the world's first digitally printed thin-film lithium battery. Both screen and digitally printed battery production processes were designed in close collaboration with Solicore's strategic investors and joint development partners.

The focus of these efforts has been to establish the necessary capacity to enable the key markets requiring thin-film batteries, including powered cards, medical patches, and powered RFID/sensors. The production options now offer the marketplace both primary and secondary sourcing alternatives, with scale and flexibility to support all demand requirements and programs.

About Solicore
Solicore Inc. is a worldwide leader of embedded power solutions, offering its Flexion product portfolio of advanced ultra-thin flexible lithium polymer batteries for powered cards, RFID, and micro medical devices. Solicore's advanced battery technology is ultra-thin, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly, and significantly enhances the capabilities of lithium-based batteries.

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