Software Update Fosters Deep Learning, 3D Sensor Interfacing

The latest, updated edition of Matrox Design Assistant X flowchart-based vision application software is described as an integrated development environment (IDE). Users can build intuitive flowcharts instead of writing traditional program code and develop graphical web-based operator interfaces for modifying the vision application. The update integrates a host of additional features and functionality including image classification using deep learning, a photometric stereo tool that highlight surface imperfections, and the ability to interface directly with third-party 3D sensors.


Deep Learning

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The classification tool leverages deep learning—specifically, convolutional neural network (CNN) technology—to categorize images of textured, naturally varying, and acceptably deformed goods. All inference is performed on the CPU, eliminating the dependence on third-party neural network libraries and the need for specialized GPU hardware. Matrox Imaging handles the intricate design and training of the neural network. Checkout a Q&A video discussing deep learning technology.


Photometric Stereo


A new registration tool features photometric stereo technology, which creates a composite image from a series of images taken with light coming in from different directions. Creation of these images utilizes directional illumination light controllers, such as the Light Sequence Switch (LSS) from CCS, LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights, or others similar. This composite image emphasizes surface irregularities, such as embossed or engraved features, scratches, or indentations. To get a better handle on the topic, watch a primer Q&A video on photometric stereo techniques.


3D Sensor Interfacing


Matrox Design Assistant X makes it possible to capture and process depth-map data by interfacing with third-party 3D sensors. Initially, the software will support LMI Gocator line profilers and snapshot sensors and Photoneo PhoXi scanners, with other scanner options to be added in the future.


Other updates and additions include multiple run-times for running multiple independent projects simultaneously on the same platform; dedicated shape-finding tools for locating circles, ellipses, rectangles, and line segments; and addition of a code-grading step. Matrox Design Assistant X will be officially released in Q2 2019. Glean more, visit Matrox Imaging.

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