Software Tools Enable Safe, Secure & Reliable Systems

Software Tool Vendors play an important role in helping Software Engineers & Developers build quality systems that are Safe, Secure and Reliable. In addition, by working with Coding Standards like Common Weakness Enumeration, CWE. Software Engineers reduce risk in the project journey for producing a trustworthy system.


AdaCore has always focused on Mission Critical Systems in Aerospace and Defense and has customers like Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, DENSO, Lockheed Martin, Mitre, Rockwell Collins, US Airforce and UTC Aerospace. Their CodePeer and SPARK Pro static analysis tools solve costly programming bug problems like buffer overflows, integer overflows, logic errors and incomplete arrays.

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For 2019, AdaCore’s strategy is to deepen technical offerings with current customers and reach new markets like Medical, Automotive & IoT. Often in life you get what you pay for and choosing high quality languages and development tools are no different. In a recent VDC report called Controlling Costs with Software Language Choice, AdaCore stands out for delivering quality Development Tools that depending on the project requirements have potential for lowering development costs, shortening project duration and keeping projects on schedule. This is a winning combination worth considering in planning your next Software Development project.

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