Software Simplifies CNC Connectivity

StateMonitor software comes to the aid of computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing personnel who are implementing connected systems as part of the Industry 4.0 initiative. The software is an option with HEIDENHAIN’s TNC controls and connects with PC systems to allow the user to view data and evaluate control processes remotely and in real-time.


Designed to highlight data usage and timesaving workflow methods, as well as provide transparent processes, StateMonitor users will know the current status of their machines at all times and everywhere. The user can configure this per project requirements, use it as needed, and evaluate it very easily and quickly to work more efficiently and productively.


StateMonitor captures, visualizes and evaluates the status of connected machines and displays it on any networked terminals. It could be a terminal node controller (TNC) in production, for example, at which the statuses of several machines are displayed centrally. Or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, so that the TNC user can also leave his machine, e.g., to get new tools from the warehouse or the tool preparation area.


Also, PCs can be included in the company network. Then the TNC user can create new NC programs in the quiet office instead of in the loud workshop without losing sight of his machines. In meetings, the user can present up-to-date information about ongoing processes. StateMonitor visualizes the statuses of the connected machines in clear-cut charts and graphs.


For more information, contact HEIDENHAIN’s TNC Product Specialist Julian Renz at 847-884-4761 or [email protected]

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