Software/Device Adopts Microsoft IoT Plug And Play

Octonion, the developers of the Brainium Core software, announces that its end-to-end IoT solution, along with the SmartEdge Agile IoT device from Avnet has adopted Microsoft’s latest IoT Plug and Play. The IoT Plug and Play function is designed to help software integrators and IoT developers quickly prototype, pilot, and produce end-to-end IoT solutions using Azure IoT certified devices, without the requirement of writing additional code. Brainium provides a pre-configured edge software architecture with a comprehensive IoT device that works right out of the box.

Brainium, SmartEdge Agile from Avnet, and IoT Plug and Play address the different challenges in the marketplace for developers creating industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. It often requires in-depth knowledge of embedded development to connect to the cloud and send telemetry in a secure manner. It’s also difficult for developers to bridge the gap between low-level device messages into meaningful insight, events, and workflows. According to the collaborators, hardware sourcing, integration, and ramping to production can take several months or even years for most IIoT projects. For more details, visit Octonion.

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