Smart Ultrasonic Sensors from Massa

Smart Ultrasonic Sensors from Massa
Massa Products Corp.

M-300 ultrasonic sensors from Massa Products Corp., Hingham, MA, are RoHS-compliant smart sensors for noncontact distance measurement for factory automation or industrial process control. The family includes several models that operate at different ultrasonic frequencies, producing detection ranges from 100 mm to >4.5 m. Output is a linear 0–10 VDC signal. System parameters and outputs are programmable via RS-485. Features include Windows software; programmable analog output slope, sampling rate, distance measurement averaging; loss-of-echo time out, set-point hysteresis, and software sensor transmit trigger; and the ability to link up to 32 sensors on the same multidrop network.

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Company: Massa Products Corp.
Phone number: 800-962-7543
Fax: 781-740-2045

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