Smart Tool Eases Discontinuous Mode Flyback Transformer Selection

Smart Tool Eases Discontinuous Mode Flyback Transformer Selection
Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc.

The company’s online Smart Transformer Selector (STS) tool helps designers quickly choose the proper discontinuous mode flyback transformer for their SMPS designs. Entering as little information as input voltage range, switching frequency, output voltages and current enables the STS to return a list of prequalified, off-the-shelf transformers. The selector uses power supply parameters and searches the database for parts that will not saturate, will provide the proper output voltages, and will not over stress the switch. Search results appear in a table that lists many of the typical transformer parameters, such as inductance, turns ratio and saturation current along, with mechanical and safety parameters for the parts. Full specifications of the part are available for immediate download in pdf format from the table. The STS finds all suitable transformers, even those that were not designed specifically with the given application in mind. The STS tool can be accessed at  

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