Smart Storage Adapter Supports Cavium ThunderX2 CPUs

Microsemi enables interoperability between its 12-Gbps SAS/SATA host bus adapter (HBA), the Adaptec HBA 1100, and Cavium's ThunderX2 ARM-based central processing unit (CPU). Data centers requiring a storage adapter solution for Cavium ThunderX2 deployments to support high performance SAS/SATA connectivity can now deploy the Microsemi Adapter HBA 1100 as a fully qualified end-to-end solution.


According to research firm IDC, the ARM-based server processor market will grow to 10 percent of all server processors shipped by 2021. The Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1100, which leverages the company's unified Smart Storage Stack, is optimized for software-defined storage (SDS), cold storage and other raw high-performance connectivity applications for data centers, server original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and server original design manufacturers (ODMs) due to its high performance and flexibility. It provides adapters in a range of port configurations, from 4 to 24 ports, and takes advantage of Microsemi's latest 28 nm storage controller, the SmartIOC 2100, offering great flexibility and an optimal power profile for these target applications. It also offers support for host-managed and host-aware shingled magnetic recording (SMR) drives as well as broad operating system (OS) driver support, including inbox driver support.


Microsemi's HBA 1100 series board-level product family is available in volume production quantities now. More information is available by visiting Microsemi’s storage pages and via email at [email protected].