Smart Meter SoC from Maxim Integrated Products

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Maxim Integrated Products

Zeus smart-meter SoCs from Maxim Integrated Products Inc., San Jose, CA, offer highly accurate metrology, multiple layers of security, and processing horsepower for meter manufacturers. Zeus provides a platform for development in multiple end markets and has a built-in cryptographic module; a secure bootloader; and tamper detection. Multiple ADC channels each run at 10 Ksps, for 0.1% accuracy over a 5000:1 dynamic range. The MAX71616, MAX71617, MAX71636, and MAX71637 SoCs incorporate a 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3 application processor and a 40 MHz, 32-bit MAXQ30 microcontroller with DSP support for metering function. The multicore architecture supports WELMEC separation of functions to ease validation.

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Company: Maxim Integrated Products
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-629-4642

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