Smart Digitizer Module from VTI Instruments

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VTI Instruments Corp.

The EMX-4350 from VTI Instruments Corp., Irvine, CA, is a 4-channel, 24-bit, 625 Ksps smart digitizer module for PXI Express. Combined with a CMX09 nine-slot PXIe chassis, the module allows for deterministic slot-to-slot communication and control with bandwidth up to 8 GBps. Features include best-in-class noise immunity, low-frequency common-mode trimming, instrumentation-grade 24-bit ADCs, SFDR of –125 dB, cross-channel phase matching to within ±0.01°, excitation from 2–20 mA, and an onboard FPGA that you can customize to tailor signal filters and DSP algorithms. Applications include high-speed DA, ground vehicle test, acoustic analysis, impact test, vibration and order analysis, and modal test.

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Company: VTI Instruments Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 949-955-1894
Fax: 949-955-3041

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