Small-Package 32-bit Microcontrollers from Microchip

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Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, offers the low-pin-count, 32-bit PIC32 MX1 and MX2 microcontrollers that feature dedicated auto and capacitive-sensing peripherals and are suited for use in consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. The devices are rated for operation up to 105°C and include up to 128 KB of Flash and 32 KB of RAM, two I2C interfaces for audio processing, an integrated hardware peripheral to add mTouch capacitive touch buttons or advanced sensors, and an 8-bit parallel master port (PMP) interface for graphics or external memory. The microcontrollers also include an onchip 10-bit, 1 Msps, 13-channel ADC and serial communication peripherals. The PIC32 MX2 adds USB On-the-Go capabilities.

Contact Info

Company: Microchip Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-624-7435

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