Small, Low-Power Accelerometer from VTI

Small, Low-Power Accelerometer from VTI
VTI Technologies Oy

The CMA3000 accelerometer from VTI Technologies Oy, Vantaa, Finland, measures 2 by 2 by 0.9 mm, consumes <10 µA when powered with a 1.8 V supply voltage, and is suited for use in small, battery-powered devices such as mobile phones, gaming devices, and sports electronics. Available in analog and digital versions, the analog CMA3000-A01 provides 3 continuous time ratiometric output signals while the digital CMA3000-D01 has been optimized for ultra-low-power-consumption systems and consumes between 70 and 7 µA, depending on the output sample rate, and has embedded interrupt functionality. Measurement range is selectable ±2 g or ±8 g with 8-bit resolution, 10% calibration accuracy for gain and 100 mg for offset, selectable SPI and I2C interfaces, and measurement, motion detector, or power-down modes (CMA3000-D01).

Contact Info

Company: VTI Technologies Oy
Country: Finland
Phone number: +358 9-879-181

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