Single-Chip ZigBee OEM Modules from Cirronet

Cirronet Inc.

The ZMN2405HP OEM module from Cirronet Inc., Duluth, GA, is based on TI's CC2430 SoC and runs the most recent ZigBee 2006 stack. The 65 mW module provides sleep current <3 µA, 6 general-purpose I/O, three 12-bit ADCs, 2 DACs, a UART, and an SPI port. It provides both the ZigBee 2006 stack and Cirronet's CSM profile API. The module allows 25 dB of output power adjustment through software configuration and is suitable as a drop-in replacement for the company's ZMN2400HP 2-chip modules and requires few if any customer application changes.

Contact Info

Company: Cirronet Inc.
Phone number: 678-684-2000
Fax: 678-684-2001

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