Single-Chip RH Sensor from Silicon Labs

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Silicon Laboratories Inc.

The Si7005 from Silicon Laboratories Inc., Austin, TX, is a digital RH and temperature SoC. The device combines a mixed-signal IC with a polymeric dielectric film to measure RH; a precision bandgap-referenced circuit on the monolithic CMOS IC senses temperature. Humidity is sensed by measuring the capacitance change of the low-k dielectric layer applied to the surface of the monolithic die. Power consumption is 2 µA avg. at 1 measurement/min. The sensor integrates the sensing elements, an ADC, signal processing, nonvolatile memory for calibration data, and an I2C interface. Sensors are interchangeable and suited for use in automotive climate control and defogging, HVAC, refrigeration, weather stations, food processing, printers, asset tracking, and medical instruments.

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Company: Silicon Laboratories Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-444-3032

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