SiliconBlue Unveils mobileFPGA Roadmap

SANTA CLARA, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- SiliconBlue Technologies, a leader in Custom Mobile Device solutions for handheld applications, unveiled its mobileFPGA platform device roadmap, using TSMC's leading-edge, 40 nm, low-power standard CMOS process. By capitalizing on Moore's Law, the new mobileFPGA platform families will not only offer reduced power and 30% to 50% increased performance, but as an "industry first," will offer comprehensive product families comprised of over 15 new devices, all with footprints smaller than 50 mm2. For more information, please go to the company's Web site.

"We have created two new distinct families that target the two areas where smartphones and other handhelds differentiate"

"Los Angeles" incorporates advanced interface support for emerging standards such as SLIMbus and USB 2.0–based HSIC, and ULPI, targeting sensor management and port expansion requirements that are being driven by the explosion of sensors and other peripherals in handheld applications. "San Francisco" incorporates 1080p support with HDMI and MIPI interfaces. It has been designed for video, multi-display, and high-bandwidth memory interface applications, targeting the convergence of video and image content being simultaneously viewed on home and handheld devices.

"We have created two new distinct families that target the two areas where smartphones and other handhelds differentiate," said Kapil Shankar, CEO of SiliconBlue. "These devices will be available for designs this year, in time to support the explosion in new handheld products."

More details regarding SiliconBlue's 40nm-based mobileFPGA devices will be announced in 2Q 2011.

About SiliconBlue
SiliconBlue Technologies is a leader in Custom Mobile Device solutions. The company offers a total solution for handset applications, including IP, design services, and a new class of ultra-low-power, single-chip, CMOS SRAM mobileFPGA devices, with patented nonvolatile configuration memory. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Taiwan, China; Korea; and Japan.

SiliconBlue is a registered trademark and Custom Mobile Device, mobileFPGA, iCE65, iCEman and iCEcube2 are trademarks of SiliconBlue Technologies Corp. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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