Signalysis Announces Latest Release of SigQC Software

CINCINNATI, OH: Signalysis, Inc. announces the latest release of its leading SigQC software. SigQC analyzes components, subassemblies and products to pinpoint NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) issues and determine, in real-time, if quality goals are met. The system can be integrated into existing manufacturing lines providing a completely automated PASS/FAIL inspection solution. SIGQC is flexible and scalable adapting to meet production and laboratory testing applications.

Added New Enhancements & Features Include:

• Post Process Design-Time Mode - This feature is designed to aid development of post process templates by allowing intermediate results to be viewed interactively.
• Order Tracking post process step allows calculation of spectral content in units of orders of a running speed for testing rotating parts exercised over a defined speed profile.
• Complex FRF circle fit over a variable number of modes specified by the nominal resonance frequencies and mode search bandwidths. The output of the calculation includes the analytical MDOF FRF, located resonances, % critical damping values, and mode coefficients.
• Ability for users to configure a dashboard for display of Recent Failures, Real-Time Pareto and Trending data charts.
• Speed menu option from the product data pool list and target data pool list to select all of the production units that fail the current tolerances.
• Production sequence enhancement allowing integrators to specify edge-triggered variable and digital interrupts.

Signalysis President & CEO, Neil Coleman, comments:

“SigQC provides an automated production-line pass or fail inspection solution. The program eliminates guesswork by replacing subjective testing with accurate and traceable data. As a result, Signalysis customers are reporting measurable improvements with product quality while lowering costs associated with inspection labor and warranty claims. This latest release gives users greater flexibility while providing even more robust functionality.”

Supported Equipment

SigQC supports a wide variety of equipment including: Brüel & Kjær, National Instruments, Ono Sokki, DAQmx along with third-party SQL databases. Force, displacement, sound, acceleration, strain, temperature, current and voltage transducers and instruments from most leading manufacturers are supported.

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