Signal Generator Module from Novatech Instruments

Signal Generator Module from Novatech Instruments
Novatech Instruments Inc.

The Model DDS9m from Novatech Instruments Inc., Seattle, WA, is a 4-channel 170 MHz DDS signal generator module with 0.1 Hz frequency resolution and ±1.5 ppm accuracy. The 83 by 90 mm device features 4 phase-synchronous sine wave outputs up to 170 MHz, serial control, 500 MHz external clock input, onboard TCXO stable to ±1.5 ppm, 32 bits of frequency resolution, 10 bits of amplitude resolution, and 14 bits of phase resolution on each channel. For ATE applications, the DDS9m can store up to 32,000 profile points consisting of phase, frequency, dwell time, and amplitude settings.

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Company: Novatech Instruments Inc.
Phone number: 206-301-8986
Fax: 206-363-4367

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