Signal Conditioning Cards from Omega Engineering

Signal Conditioning Cards from Omega Engineering
Omega Engineering Inc.
Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT, offers the OMB-DBK207 and OMB-DBK207/CJC 16-channel isolated analog signal conditioning cards. The cards are designed to be used with OMB-LOGBOOK-300, OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series, and OMB_DAQSCAN-2000 Series DA products. Using DaqView software, you can configure any channel to measure temperature, strain, volts, current, or frequency. Screw terminals let you connect field signals. You can daisy chain up to 16 cards for a max. capacity of 256 inputs. The OMB-DBK207/CJC has cold junction compensation.

Contact Info

Company: Omega Engineering Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 800-773-7869, x-317

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