Signal Analysis Suite Features Wide Range Compatibility

(3dB Labs)

3dB Labs has launched SCEPTRE software, described as a deployable, remoteable ISR collection software suite that can act alone or as a network of receivers to perform rapid signal analysis for ID, tip and cue, c-uas, and interoperability for geolocation. It can be integrated with different, multiple simultaneous receivers on stationary or mobile collection platforms, and provides real-time analysis of COMINT, FISINT, and ELINT signals.


Sceptre can perform real time bit breakout, data streaming out, and pulse descriptor word creation. It also serves as an arbitrary waveform generator and is capable of file playback at RF. Its versatile nature allows a user to leave it unattended for days with its built-in circular pre-d buffer, an ideal solution for remote access, RF surveys, or post event analysis.


The application can interface to several commercially available SDRs, downconverters, upconverters, digitizers, and data streams. It allows for real-time analysis, processing, and recording for up to two 1-GHz channels or two 500-MHz channels from a laptop. Just a few capabilities include:

  • Low Probability of Detection
  • Geolocation Interface (ITAR Restriction may Apply)
  • Pulse Detection
  • Remote Web Interface
  • Pre-D Circular Buffer
  • Analog Demodulation: AM, FM, PM, SSB
  • Digital Demodulation: FSK, ASK PSK, QAM
  • Digital Video
  • ADS-B Demodulation
  • AIS Demodulation
  • Pulse Measurement
  • Pulse Descriptor Word Generation


SCEPTRE is designed to run on macOS and Linux (CENTOS, RH, Ubuntu) with Windows options

available upon request. Its performance scales with processing power and can be run remotely on an

Atom board, a rack mounted sever, and anything in between. For deeper insights, visit 3dB Labs.