Sigma-Delta ADC from National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor Corp.

The ADC12EU050 from National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA, is an ultra low-power, octal, 50 Msps, 12-bit ADC with a continuous time architecture. Features include 8 channels; low-pass, brickwall anti-aliasing filter; alias-free sample bandwidth up to 25 MHz; total power consumption of 350 mW (operating from a 1.2 V supply); 70 dB SNR; 78 dB SFDR; 10.7 bits ENOB; 66 dB SINAD; and –70 dB THD. The ADC also includes an SPI-compatible interface. Applications include battery-powered portable systems, medical and industrial ultrasound, and communications.

Contact Info

Company: National Semiconductor Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-272-9959

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