Si-Ware Provides Discera with ASIC Technology

San Jose, CA /PRWEB/ -- Si-Ware Systems, a leading semiconductor product design and development solutions provider, announced the successful delivery of key ASIC technology for Discera's next-generation low-power MEMS devices. Discera is a leading manufacturer of silicon-based clock and timing products. Si-Ware Systems' ASIC technology advances the capabilities frontier for Discera's next-generation products by enabling extended temperature range and stability and superior jitter performance over previous technology.

"Delivering smaller, lower-power products for consumer, mobile, and video applications requires the high quality of Si-Ware technology," said Discera CEO Bruce Diamond. "We are very happy to continue our collaboration with Si-Ware in advancing the state-of-the-art in MEMS technologies."

"These next-generation products are the latest outcome of a long-standing relationship between the two companies," said Si-Ware Systems CEO Hisham Haddara. "Our extensive experience in ASIC technologies for MEMS devices allows us to consistently deliver high-performance, high-reliability products with Discera."

Leveraging its strong expertise in analog, mixed-signal, and RF design, Si-Ware Systems works with its customers to deliver ASIC technology for a broad range of markets and applications. Si-Ware has a proven track record in providing high-quality timing solutions, inertial sensing IC's, MEMS electronic systems, and low-power ASICs.