Shannon Launches World's First 12.8TB PCIe SSD

SHANGHAI --- Shannon Systems, a leading manufacturer of SSDs, has continued its growth in the 3D NAND-based flash market by launching several new products including the world's first 12.8TB PCIe SSD drive, Direct-IO G4i. The Shanghai-based flash storage giant is geared up to provide more different services for its enterprise customers.

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has already deployed Shannon's PCIe SSD products in large scale and seen significant performance improvements in mission-critical systems and being able to handle more intensive and larger workloads during peak times, serving more than 120,000 transactions per second in the last "singles day" sales event on November 11.

Positioned as the input/output bottleneck "killer", the enterprise-grade Shannon Direct-IO PCIe SSD flash stands out among its peers for its high performance level, resilience and reliability. In terms of reliability, Shannon adopts advanced signal processing, error correction and RAID technologies to ensure reliable data storage in addition to DRAM-less technology, which eliminates the need to flush DRAM buffered data when encountering a sudden power loss.

Further to the Direct-IO PCIe SSD upgrades, Shannon also unveiled a 3D-NAND based nonvolatile memory express (NVMe)-based SSD line. This line of products comes out with access latency less than 15μs, more than 2GB/s read/write bandwidth while achieving all the performance with a typical power consumption less than 6W.

With customers ranging from e-commerce, government, education to finance, Shannon Systems provides SSDs and solutions for enterprises such as travel website Qunar, telecommunications providers China Telecom and China Unicom and partners such as IT and electronics industry leaders Inspur, Huawei, Lenovo and HPE.

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