Servo Drive Controller from Elmo Motion Control

Servo Drive Controller from Elmo Motion Control
Elmo Motion Control Inc.

The Solo Guitar from Elmo Motion Control Inc., Westford, MA, connects the company's Guitar servo drive directly to a motion application. An addition to its SimplIQ core motion control technology, the system combines the Guitar servo drive with a connection interface. The system operates from a DC power source in current, velocity, position, and advanced position modes in conjunction with a permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor, DC brush motor, linear motor, or voice coil. Features include the ability to deliver up to 4.8 kW of continuous power or 5.4 kW peak, operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a multi-axis system in distributed configuration, and support for up to 45 A of continuous current and 70 A of peak current.

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Company: Elmo Motion Control Inc.
Phone number: 978-399-0034
Fax: 978-399-0035

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