Servo Controller from QuickSilver Controls

Servo Controller from QuickSilver Controls
QuickSilver Controls Inc.
QuickSilver Controls Inc., San Dimas, CA, offers the SilverDust IG8 single-axis controller driver with RS-232, RS-485, CAN, and Ethernet communications options. The multichannel architecture allows a network of field devices using CAN to work with a supervisory network that uses RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet. The controller is designed for closed-loop control of high-torque NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 frame I-Grade step motor/encoders and includes breakouts for power, communications, and I/O. Features include built-in voltage clamp and power resistor; 8 bidirectional I/O; 4 analog inputs; 100:1 inertial mismatch; PVIA servo loop; and point-to-point and profile moves.

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Company: QuickSilver Controls Inc.
Phone number: 888-660-3801
Fax: 909-447-7410

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