Sentry360 Unveils Small 14 Megapixel Surveillance Camera

PLAINFIELD, IL -- (Marketwire) -- Sentry360, one of the fastest growing IP megapixel camera developers, today announced the unveiling of the IS-IP14K, the world's smallest 14 megapixel surveillance camera at the 2012 International Security Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

"The IS-IP14K is, without a doubt, the smallest and lowest cost 14 megapixel (4376 x 3280) camera on the market today," said Thomas Carnevale, president of Sentry360. "The design idea was to go to market with a simple yet cost effective high-performing camera for mass markets. Several key vertical markets Sentry360 will be focusing on with this new product are Mass Transit, Education, Industrial, Gaming, Retail, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure. It's an exciting time of tremendous growth here at Sentry360."

While this is Sentry360's first 14 megapixel camera release, the company has already successfully reduced the size (form factor) from the IS-IP10K (10 megapixel) InSight camera by nearly 1/2 while improving the processor power on-board. These critical enhancements enable full broadcasting of the 6 frames-per-second the sensor can deliver on H.264 compression. Most cameras in the market today at or around this resolution are several thousand dollars more expensive and up to 20x the size of the IS-IP14K. Sentry360's 14 megapixel camera is also Onvif conformant, making it ready now to use across a wide variety of video management systems. It has the same API of previous models making the IS-IP14K fully integrated into Sentry360 certified technology partners.

The official size of the 14 megapixel camera is 35 mm x 46 mm x 57 mm (H, W, L) with active resolution of 4376 x 3280, delivering superior image quality combined with a low total cost of ownership. The IS-IP14K has a suggested retail cost of $1800, making it less expensive than a high-end Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

Sentry360 will be demonstrating the IS-IP14K at the International Security Conference (ISC West) March 28th thru 30th at booth 6052. The IS-IP14K is up for the Best New Product of the year award from the Security Industry Association.

About Sentry 360
Sentry 360 Security Inc. is a developer of application driven multi-megapixel network cameras. Sentry 360 has two families of products: The FullSight is our 360° Immersive camera series with discreet mounting options to extreme temperature Vandal dome models ranging in resolution from 1280 × 1024 (1.3 megapixel) to 3856 × 2764 (10 megapixel). The InSight series has a vandal dome, miniature dome and box style models ranging in resolution from 1280 × 1024 (1.3 megapixel) CCD or CMOS to 4376 × 3280 (14 megapixel). Sentry 360's Less is More system architecture takes fewer cameras to buy, install, record and review while delivering more forensic detail and more situational awareness.

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