Sensors Expo 2018: Are We Ready to Define Internet of Things for the Sensor Domain?

The industry seems to agree – we need to define a consistent approach to connect sensor and the controller endpoints using new Internet of Things (IoT) methodologies.  This promises significant improvements to operational efficiency and leverages the large and growing IT talent pool.  At PICMG, the leading specification development organization for embedded computing, we are making it a reality.  We’d like you to participate.


The PICMG vision is to develop a meta-data model by extending the DMTF’s Redfish API.  This is advantageous as Redfish is widely known and used in the IT world.  This API, when combined with hardware development kits and microcontroller modules, will provide connectivity to both legacy sensors and new IoT-enabled smart sensors.  The combined hardware/software interface will allow effective “plug and play” deployment of distributed sensor networks throughout the installation. 

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With over 20 years of industry experience, PICMG’s nearly 150 member-companies have helped develop computing specifications such as COM Express, CompactPCI Serial, and Hardware Platform Management, that are widely used in industrial controller/gateway applications.   With your help and PICMG’s experience in embedded specifications we seek to define open, interoperable interfaces for plug and play Industry 4.0   Figure 1 illustrates the PICMG approach from connecting legacy and newer IoT-enabled controls/interfaces up to the meta-data model.   The diagram shows which existing hardware specifications fit for each segment. 


At Sensors Expo 2018, PICMG will be speaking on Thursday June 28th in the Live Embedded Theater on the subject “Making Sense of Industrial IoT”.   We’ll also have live demo’s in the PICMG booth showing IoT management of a connected sensor/computer network.  All attendees are invited to watch and discuss the approach. 


Non-members interested in participating in the IIoT efforts can join our technical advisory committee.   Those considering joining PICMG can visit us at for details.    



 PICMG at Sensors Expo


As mentioned above, PICMG’s Vice President of Technology Doug Sandy will speak about “Making Sense of Industrial IoT” at Sensors Expo 2018 in San Jose, CA on Thursday, June 28 2:00 PM, in the Live Embedded Theater. Doug’s presentation will outline how web technologies are being combined with traditional industrial automation techniques to fuel the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things. The relationship between RESTful services, and metadata models will be explained in the context of smart sensor arrays. Ongoing standardization work will be discussed.


Of course, to take advantage of this infinite well of information, you need to register for Sensors Expo 2018.



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